Our staff are a friendly, dedicated and professional team who greatly  care about the children we have  the privilege of nurturing and growing.  We work closely with  families to support children reach their personal potential.

Melissa Mitchell-Bain   Principal 
Sonja Reid   Office  Administrator

Bradford Burrow Team 
Val, Caroline and Kerry

Jacqui Burrows - Librarian
Junior Teaching Team
Lola Gloger  Technology teacher
Lisa O'Donnell  Assistant Principal & Year 1 teacher
Anna Little Teacher  Year 1/2

Middle Team
Nicky Jackson    Teacher Year 2/3
Clarissa Neudorf   Teacher  
Lisa McKillop       Teacher Year 3/4

Senior Team
Liz Tobin   Deputy Principal (Year 5/6)
Emma Knopp  Teacher (Year 4 /5)

Learning Assistants 
Andrea Gibb
Susan Rusbatch

Learning Assistants 
Mandy Woodward
Kerry Davey

Learning Assistants 
Donna Carroll
Dawn Stewart
Caroline Thomson